Quick Update

While a man is at the cusp of yet another birthday, a lot of things go through his mind, most of them very trivial, however one thought stream is worth doting down.

He would be contemplating writing a brief essay titled “Man on turning 31”. Then he will also think he did think of writing a brief essay titled “Man on turning 30” last year. The only thing which materialized in that particular endeavor was him putting in that title in Times New Roman , font Size 16 and subsequent staring at the monitor for a good half an hour before going to deep slumber. On the flip side one could argue that one of the benefits of turning 30 is one would think of writing a blog on the same title, but by the time the whole thing gets done he would have turned 35.

That being said these are things which happened in the tiny world of mine.

The missus turned an year older last Friday. Unlike other birthdays I could not spare a day for her. I could not gift her anything. I could not take her out either. However i do acknowledge the fact that i have never been this happier my entire life. Living with her has been fun and exciting and adds a sense to my life.  Never have I enjoyed my life as i have done in the last four years of togetherness.

I cannot offer you gifts every year, But i do offer you my company for the rest of your life

The kids have started going to playschool. The missus drops them at around 9:30ish in the morning and picks them back at around 12:30ish. They do express their disapproval to the whole playschool affair. However they will slowly like the whole idea of playschool.

I guess that is what Progression is all about.

I guess, that is it.

Oh no, wait wait..

The below lyrics of the Moody Blues Classic Ride my See-saw finally makes a lot of sense

Left school with a first class pass,

Started work but as second class.

School taught one and one is two.

But right now, that answer just ain’t true.


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