Quick Update

While a man is at the cusp of yet another birthday, a lot of things go through his mind, most of them very trivial, however one thought stream is worth doting down.

He would be contemplating writing a brief essay titled “Man on turning 31”. Then he will also think he did think of writing a brief essay titled “Man on turning 30” last year. The only thing which materialized in that particular endeavor was him putting in that title in Times New Roman , font Size 16 and subsequent staring at the monitor for a good half an hour before going to deep slumber. On the flip side one could argue that one of the benefits of turning 30 is one would think of writing a blog on the same title, but by the time the whole thing gets done he would have turned 35.

That being said these are things which happened in the tiny world of mine.

The missus turned an year older last Friday. Unlike other birthdays I could not spare a day for her. I could not gift her anything. I could not take her out either. However i do acknowledge the fact that i have never been this happier my entire life. Living with her has been fun and exciting and adds a sense to my life.  Never have I enjoyed my life as i have done in the last four years of togetherness.

I cannot offer you gifts every year, But i do offer you my company for the rest of your life

The kids have started going to playschool. The missus drops them at around 9:30ish in the morning and picks them back at around 12:30ish. They do express their disapproval to the whole playschool affair. However they will slowly like the whole idea of playschool.

I guess that is what Progression is all about.

I guess, that is it.

Oh no, wait wait..

The below lyrics of the Moody Blues Classic Ride my See-saw finally makes a lot of sense

Left school with a first class pass,

Started work but as second class.

School taught one and one is two.

But right now, that answer just ain’t true.


Inspiration , Thy name is …

It was one of those days where i had a frustrated look on my already dejected face. It was so tough to keep it to my self that i had to let it out of my system. Little did i notice that wifey dear was around.

Me : It is not happening…

Wife : What is not happening??  😦

Me : Leave it. It is not a big thing. It is not something to be scared about. It is one of those things on which you can’t be of much help. This thing which is bothering me would be pretty trivial to you.

Wife : Stop this ambiguity!! It is trivial as long as you don’t share it. Now please spill the beans.

Me: Well, The thing is i have been wanting to go back to my blogging ways. But I never get to do it. I think my blogging days are done and dusted.

Wife: May be you are right. May be your days as a blogger are over. Or may be your are wrong. Your days as a blogger are far from over. May be all you need is a bit of inspiration. 🙂

Me : Well then, Inspire!!

Wife: I can give it a try. I will start with a plea. you have to shed this Hamlet wannabe nature of yours. You and your soliloquies, they are slowly getting to be real annoyance. I am being very mild here.

Me: Hmmn…

Wife: You could write about a lot of things. You could think of writing a techie article. You don’t need to use the creative side of the brain for that.

Me: Yea, But not my scene…

Wife : Oh! ok! Then you can write about mundane things that happen around you. Writing is a gift. It will slowly come back to you. All you need to do is to try. You could read a couple of your old posts and think of new ways of rewriting them. Just that you don’t have to rewrite them. They seem fine to me and any change to their current state would robe them of their simplicity and inane beauty. And you will notice that these things which you are mentioning to be missing coming back to you,  just like it comes back in the stupid soccer movie which you are a fan of.

Me: Shaolin Soccer!!  You really can’t leave that out, Can you ? 🙂

Wife : Hmmn.. I can’t, Can i ? Well the thing here is you can write about a lot of things. You can write about turning 30. You can write about you attempts to learn driving and how the entire universe prevents you from being successful at that endeavor. You can also write some fictional essays on how to be a successful manager by delegating all tasks. You can write about bringing up our kids as long as you mention them as sweet and adorable in every paragraph you write about them.  If none of the above appeal to you, the least you can do is to note down our conversation and apply  your blogging skills and convert it into a nice little blog. What do you say ?

Me: Inspiration , Thy name is woman!!!!

That’s how my first blog in a long time was originated. Sincere thanks for wifey dear for making this possible.

p.s. The kids are alright

Songs that Moved Me

I have always thought about writing about songs. And i did try writing couple of short appreciative snippets about songs that influenced me, my thoughts and left an impression.  I did get them published on musicAloud.com.

However i could not consistently write at that time and i could only come up with writeups of 3 to 4 songs. Having said that now i feel that i could use this space to write on the songs which has made me happy, the ones ones which has made me think, the ones which has made me cry and the ones which i hear again and again. So here i start… again.

Pattu Padi Urakkam

The song is a lullaby sung by P. Susheela for the Malayalam movie Seetha. The music was composed by V Dakshinamoorthy and the lyrics of the song was given by Abhayadev. The thing which you would like about this song is how the music compliments the wonderfully written lyrics to manifest into magic that soothes one’s soul. I would rate it as one of the best lullabies to have been ever written and sung.

You can watch the video on the following link.

The lyrics of the song are below.

Pattu padi urakam njan thamarappo paithale

Kettu kettu nee urangen karalinte kaathale

Karalinte kaathale

Ninnalee pulmadam poomeda yayeda (2)

Kanna nee enikku samraajyam kai vanneda

Vanneda (pattu padi)

Rajavaayi theerum nee oru kalam omane (2)

Marakkathe annu samjatham sree ramane

Ramane (pattu padi)

Rari raro rariro rariraro rariro

The fact that the song was written and composed way back in 1960’s speaks volumes of the longevity of this masterpiece.


I would like to thank my wife for repeatedly singing this song and letting me know how awesome this song actually is. This song features in her filtered list of lullabies which she sings to pacify both Appu and Ani.

back to blogging – the reprise

Man in his full rationality is highly irresponsible….

It needs an inspiration to go back to something. A miracle is what some say is required.  Most of times we never tend to retread the paths which we once traveled. It takes a lot of convincing to get someone to do that. I would say i convinced myself to get back to this space and jot a few lines.

But then let me just elaborate. You will have to go through somethings which would not make sense fully. But I promise it will make some sense towards the end.

The last one and half years has been quite Kafkaesque (not that I am complaining about it.) But then you ought to state the obvious. The fore-mentioned period have been filled with drama, tension, responsibility and the sleeplessness that accompanies the responsibility. But then it would be unfair on my part if I miss out to mention the tremendous load of happiness that was offloaded onto me. As they say, One can take truckloads  of drama tension or responsibility and still do nothing about it. But I cant say the same about happiness. Happiness, they say, should be taken in only small volumes. A slight change in the amount could affect your senses. And I would be hugely glad that I came through unscathed.

This is the problem with men who are approaching their thirties. The tend to over-dramatize! Here is the gist of what I wanted to say.

The last one and a half years witnessed two little angels who walked into my life and transformed every iota of purpose I had in life until then. I am calling them Appu and Ani and they have taught me a lot of things in the last one and a half years which I failed to learn in my 28 years.

Such are the merits of parenting!” you would say. So would Aunt Martha!

I agree, I agree!

One of those days, I was noticing one of the twins trying to walk by himself. He was trying hard and every attempts was giving him different challenges. But then he somehow scampered to walk a few baby steps. And the next day he was again back to walking all by himself.

That inspired me to come back and try blogging for one more time.

 …But beneath all that rationality and irresponsibility you will find a irrationally responsible person.

Coming back to Blogging

There was a time when i used to pray the below mentioned hymns, though not exactly in the same sequence.

 Blogging is a wonderful thing

Blogging is a really cool thing….

Incase some of you would have noted the Dewey Finn/Ned Schneebly (School of Rock) inspiration in the above prayer, I duly give due credit to the original. But my prayer is my prayer.

But I should admit sadly bravely that the prayer of yesterday makes no sense today to me! Yes, we all go through phases where we stop doing things which we used to like!

Math, Music, Cycling, Music History, Plain History, Blogging, Socialising, hitch-hiking, Anti-socialising, anti-hitch-hiking, Keeping a grim face, Books, Photography are quite a few of the things which were the things which i used to like until one of the above replaced the previous, again not necessary in the same order.

Please forgive me if i missed out certain things which u think should have been in my list.

On second thoughts you needn’t!!

Something which started way back on a new year day of year 2007, i think it has come a long way,  peaked a bit, got wordpressed, and then hit a hiatus that is if one leaves out the casual posts linking to flickr images.

If any of you were wondering what all these is about, It is just to announce that i am trying to revive my blogger accounts.I guess you would have figured that out from the Pink Floyd inspired title.

Here is my two bit to end.

Words are meaningless when devoid of expression